What can I BRING YOU (English)


I can bring you my experience and help you to :

  • Develop your business by seeking new opportinuties, new markets, new customers
  • Structure your sales, marketing and communication strategy
  • Find new shareholders to invest in your company or plan a transmission
  • Find companies to acquire for you
  • Restructure a department, an organization

Some examples of expertise I have developped in recent years :


Water is the most precious resource and irrigating landscape areas can be seen in a negative way by more and more stakeholders.
Solutions exist to save water and to optimize its usage to the strict minimum needed by the plants.
With more than 5 years experience, leading one of the top company in this business, I can bring you my expertise and contacts.

Read one of the articles I wrote and published in the industry magazine Irrigazette, both in English and French language :




LPWAN networks are going to change many industries with expanded possibilities for battery-operated devices and sensors.

It opens new horizons for the users with enhanced user experience.

More than 5 years as investor in IoT start-ups, and leading the connected garden, irrigation, pool and agriculture Business Unit of a manufacturer, I bring you experience in this new world.

Want to know how this revolution will affect your business and how you can develop new business opportunities?

Drop an email at thierry@altomint.com